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The characteristics and usefulness of rivets

Jun 05, 2017

We are now living everywhere can see the semi-hollow rivets it has become an indispensable temptation in people's lives, but also to our lives brought a lot of convenience, today our company to teach you how to choose a good rivet, and tell Everyone some of its features!

The first half-hollow rivet is a means for securing a gap between a plurality of members to be mounted at a lower price so that one of the members to be mounted is bonded to each other around the shaft portion of the rivet body after being engaged with the other mounting member Of the hollow rivets. A hollow hollow rivet body having a flange and a mandrel inserted into a hollow hole of the rivet body; a face of the mandrel head facing the end portion of the shaft portion of the rivet body is formed with a slope, A large-diameter portion having a diameter substantially equal to the outer diameter of the shaft portion of the rivet body is inclined toward a small-diameter mandrel shaft having a smaller diameter than the inner diameter of the body portion of the rivet body, and a circumferential groove is formed on the outer peripheral surface of the shaft portion of the rivet body Which is a position where the length of the flange is slightly longer than the thickness of the member to be mounted; the broken portion of the mandrel shaft portion is made to be broken by a force such that the rivet body shaft The portion of the portion of the portion from the end portion to the circumferential groove is deformed radially, but the portion of the portion of the rivet body from the circumferential groove to the flange is hardly deformed. In general, the aperture and depth of the standard can be omitted, if you do not have drawings or pictures, it should include these elements, and then inform the material, choose the basic information is the case.

Semi-hollow rivets are usually used for clothing, footwear industry, luggage and other industries, its use is also very wide, the above is my company for everyone to introduce.

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