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Rivet cleaning

Jun 05, 2017

Rivets believe that we may have a simple understanding before, then how is it to oil it? Is there any good way?

Rivets how to oil? Rivets to oil mainly used degreasing rust agent, this agent in the oil at the same time can also play the effect of rusty rust,

1. Thiourea: 10 oxalic acid; 150 flat plus: 10 water: 1000

2. Method and use: After the measurement by the formula, the materials were added to the water, stir, to be dissolved or mixed even after the use of, when used, the aluminum rivets, copper rivets, stainless steel rivets, into the liquid In the temperature of 90 degrees or so immersed for several minutes and stir the liquid, remove and rinse with water for several minutes, polished, dried

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