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Preventive Measures and Solutions for Preventing Locking of Stainless Steel Standard Parts

Jun 23, 2018

Preventive Measures and Solutions for Preventing Locking of Stainless Steel Standard Parts

1. When using stainless steel, is the nut always locked at a fixed speed?

If the user is new to the process or is not familiar with the stainless steel process, consult your supplier regarding the relevant characteristics of the stainless steel. In general, slowing the speed of lockdown can greatly reduce (or even completely avoid) the chance of lockup. Because heat energy often occurs at the time of locking, when the heat energy increases, the probability of lock-up increases. In use, the speed of locking stainless steel fasteners should be lower than the speed of locking carbon steel.

2. Is it necessary to lubricate the screw or nut before locking it?

If the answer is “No”, we recommend using butter, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, mica, or talc to lubricate the internal and external teeth to reduce lock-up. Coupling is also an effective lubrication method. The nut that has been detained and treated will be like a layer of lubricating film between the nut and the screw.

3. Are you using the same grade of screws and nuts?

If the answer is yes, it is recommended to use different grades of screws and nuts, such as 304 with 316 and so on. However, it should be noted that the grade of stainless steel selected also meets its own rust and corrosion resistance requirements.

In addition, the locking case is the most common case when the flange is locked. Suppose you have noticed and acted on the above points, including using washers, coating nuts (long nuts, such as GB6170 or DIN934 may also be recommended), nuts in diagonal order, and slowly tightening in order Degrees and so on, if it still cannot be solved, often it will not be unloaded after pre-locking. Finally, you have to temporarily use the carbon steel nut when pre-locking the flange device, and then use the stainless steel screw when the lock is finally formally locked. Cap, find a balance between beautiful rust resistance and lock-free.

Stainless steel standard parts are prone to lock-up phenomenon, resulting in a lock-up phenomenon, then we must first find out the reasons for the production of lock-up phenomenon. Then there is a targeted analysis of the reasons for the lock, select a good solution, a reasonable and correct speed to solve the lock problem of stainless steel standard parts.

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