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Plating principle and basis

Apr 27, 2018

Plating definition:

Electroplating is the main salt metal ion in the plating bath. Under the action of the DC electric field, mass transfer means such as diffusion, convection, and electromigration reach the working surface as the cathode, and electrons are reduced to metal atoms, and the crystal is further arranged as a metal layer. . (narrow sense)

Electroplating principle:

A schematic diagram of the electroplating apparatus is that the part to be plated is a cathode, which is connected to the negative pole of the DC power supply, the anode of the metal is connected to the anode of the DC power supply, and the anode and cathode are immersed in the plating bath. When a certain potential is applied between the yin and yang, the following reactions occur at the cathode: from the inside of the bath to the electrode and the plating solution, the metal ions Mn+ obtain n electrons from the cathode, and are reduced to metal M; on the other hand, The anode reacts completely opposite to the cathode, ie the dissolution of metal M occurs at the anode interface, releasing n electron-generated metal ions M n+ .

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