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Nut action

Jun 05, 2017

The role of the nut is: you can better fix some parts. among them

Four claw nuts

In the mechanical use of a wide range, its role is to close the mechanical parts of the parts, manufacturing machinery must use an original.

Four claw nuts

Each part has a staggered cam, because the internal wedge design slope angle is greater than the bolt angle of the bolt, this combination will be tightly bite into a whole, when there is vibration, DISC-LOCK lock nut raised part of each other Dislocation, resulting in lifting tension, so as to achieve the perfect anti-loose effect.

Only the same size nuts and bolts can be linked together, according to the different nuts, choose the same type of wrench can operate, simple and convenient. Used to have: furniture, toys, mining equipment, all kinds of household appliances, furniture, office appliances, stoves, electric bicycles, scooters and other machinery industry.

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