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Magnetic handling when using fasteners

Mar 16, 2018

Many challenges often need to be addressed when using various types of fasteners. In most cases, considering them beforehand makes it easier to determine the best type of fastener to use in a particular setting. For example, after considering all the variables, you may conclude that the aluminum hexagon head cap screws instead of stainless steel hex nuts and bolts will be ideal for specific applications.

In this case, swapping these two may cause problems. One variable you may not notice is magnetism.

There are many cases where you may want a product to be magnetic, or you may not want it to be so.

When you need to avoid magnetism One example of the need to avoid magnetic fasteners is that the assembled products may be affected by magnetism. An example is a precision electronic device that runs at very low currents, or is used to measure tiny levels of electricity. In this case, the presence of magnetic fasteners may lead to electricity generation through electromagnetic mechanisms. Over time, this can lead to a less precise device, and may also lead to poor running of the same. In this case, it is best to ensure that the fastener is not magnetic.

This can be done by getting those metals made from alloys, such as nickel, or known not to be magnetic, such as aluminum.

Demagnetization Fastener In some cases, you may find that the fastener is magnetized and you need to get rid of something. This usually involves unfastening magnets and then directing them to the east-west position. Then you can heat them up while exposing them to repeated blows. This leads to the disorientation of the dual dipole, which is responsible for the magnetism of the fastener. You can also consult companies that specialize in providing such services. This is especially true if you have to deal with the number of fasteners is huge.

In this case, demagnetization themselves may not be feasible and may take too long.

When you need magnetism. In other cases, the fasteners you may need are magnetic. In this case, it is advisable to have a fastener made of magnetic material. In most cases, this is easy to find. It is important to consider coating these types of fasteners because most of them are prone to corrosion. If you want to use them in damp or humid environments, applying them will reduce the need to constantly replace them with corrosion.

It also limits the risk of being difficult to extract. In short, magnetism is a variable that you must consider when you invest in fasteners. The above tips can give you a basic idea when shopping so that you can do it.

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