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How to Use Fasteners to Reduce Dragging in Aircraft

Apr 12, 2018

One of the goals of any aircraft design method is to reduce the overall resistance of the aircraft as much as possible because this affects the aircraft. When the aircraft resistance is too great, it often requires more fuel to move at a specific speed. This can have adverse effects on many aspects of the flight, including increasing the amount of fuel that needs to be carried, limiting its maximum speed, and even making it more expensive. In addition, excessive resistance can also lead to more environmental damage, which many manufacturers avoid as much as possible.

Therefore, to ensure that the aircraft design has as little resistance as possible, it should be the main goal of any aircraft designer. However, to achieve this, people need to understand the many factors that cause drag and drop them and then sort them out one by one. One of the most important is the way the fasteners are used in the design. To ensure that dragging is minimized, some techniques can be used to reduce drag, including:

Limit the number of fasteners used

When the number of fasteners used on the surface of the aircraft is minimized, it can make the overall contour of the aircraft smoother, which can actually reduce the resistance. Therefore, this means that when you are in the design phase of a project, you need to find ways to reduce the number of fasteners, thereby reducing this external profile.

Using only a minimum number of fasteners also reduces the overall weight of the aircraft. Of course, to do this effectively, you need to ensure that only high-quality fasteners, such as titanium hex nuts, are used. In this way, you can be sure that even if they are few, they can easily withstand the weight of the aircraft components.

Smooth the fasteners

If you are using fasteners on any control surface or other surface of the aircraft, you should also consider making it smoother. The purpose of this process should be to ensure that all air passing through the fasteners is done with minimal resistance. In order to do this effectively, you need to work with a supplier of high quality fasteners with extensive experience in the field. In addition to obtaining special fasteners such as titanium Allen screws, they are more likely to find ways to make the fastener as smooth as possible.

Use the right fasteners in the right place

Using the right type of fastener at a particular location can also help reduce drag. For example, rivets may be more useful than bolt and nut assemblies when putting control surfaces together. Re-inquiry for high quality fastener suppliers is usually the best way to get a choice.

In short, as long as you do all of the above, in terms of fasteners, you should be in a better position to ensure that the aircraft design has the least resistance.

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