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How to choose between complete and partial threaded bolts

Mar 08, 2018

In a moment when you are considering using aluminum alloy hexagon head cap screws or steel hexagon nuts and bolts, you will be faced with what type of decision you should choose. Most of the time, most people end up finding that it's a hard thing to do, especially if they don't take into account the wide range of options they can use, or the exact reason they get the first bit of fastener. But if you know these, it will be easy for you to avoid being confused by the breed.

Some decisions may initially appear simple, but may require technical expertise. One of them is whether you should get some threaded or full threaded bolts. It is not advisable that you simply choose to use one or the other but first to fix the reason why you got the fastener first.

The difference between the two

Full threaded bolts usually have a thread that runs throughout the length of the bolt from head to tip. On the other hand, part of the thread section usually has a thread section under the head. This part of the bolt, known as the grip length, usually varies depending on the reason the bolt is used. Typically, consulting with a vendor should be a good enough way to make sure that some of the threaded bolts are good enough to meet your needs.

How to use them

Full threaded bolts are usually used with the strength of the grip very critical. The fact that the entire shaft is threaded means that all the tension on the bolt is distributed throughout the structure, which means it can withstand a larger force than the part of the thread. One of the main advantages of full threaded bolts is that they are rarely cut and often not loose. On the other hand, it is important that some threaded bolts are usually used for alignment and shearing. This is because the lack of threads in the length of the grip allows the bolt to have excellent shearing properties, since no weakness can cause cracking or bending. It usually takes a lot of power to cut such bolts.

Which one should you choose?

Once you understand the difference between the two types of bolts, you can make it easier to decide which one to use for a particular application. If you think the fastener will go through a lot of shearing, then using the correct part of the threaded bolts may be better than when you need the grip is high. One of the easiest ways to get this information is simply to consult a fastener expert to help you. If you buy bolts from a high quality contractor, this should not be very difficult because they usually hire staff who are very familiar with these issues.


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