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How to check the fasteners with tester

Mar 03, 2018

How to check the fasteners with tester

Fastener development and design of the most important part is the quality control, from the feed to the finished product shipments have several major markings, these markings have different test methods. The first is related to the appearance of the feed, size, elements, performance, detection of hazardous substances, etc .; the process is more about the appearance, size, percussion experiments, forging streamline; heat treatment more of the appearance, hardness, torque, , Metallurgical, etc .; surface treatment is more hydrogen embrittlement test, coating, salt spray, etc., including the shipment of a hazardous material testing. In the size, appearance inspection, common is the second element, contour measuring instrument, coordinate measuring instrument, image sorting machine (this is a whole machine); mechanical and chemical testing, the main hardness machine (Los and Vickers ), Rally machines, metallographic microscope; Material testing, there is a spectrum analyzer, salt spray test machine.

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