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How do you see and avoid camouflaging fasteners

Apr 12, 2018

When you run a facility that may require the use of a large number of fasteners, one of the problems you may encounter is how to ensure that the cost of obtaining such fasteners is reduced. There are many options to try, including working with different contractors to find out which one can provide more value for money and negotiate with them and even buy online.

However, in order to obtain low-cost fasteners, you may end up being seduced by counterfeit products. The market is currently flooded with counterfeit fasteners that are very cheap but have almost no quality. To ensure that you do not waste money, you may need to master several basic skills in order to identify counterfeit products. Some of these include:

Pay attention to process quality

When you evaluate the suitability of a particular vendor's fasteners, you need to request some samples that can be used for quality assessment. Counterfeit products are usually very cheap, mainly because they are cheap. Some of the physical features that should be noted in such fasteners include unevenly spaced threads, fasteners that appear to have rough heads and fastener lengths that do not match. In a few cases, you may even notice that their color is a bit off the mark compared to the real deal.

Their price may be lower than your expectations

One of the most obvious signs of counterfeiting is that its price may be ridiculously low. For example, you may encounter a titanium hex nut or a titanium hex head screw that costs as much as steel. However, titanium is known to be a very expensive metal and is hard to find. When you find the reasons that claim to be made of titanium and the costs are unbelievably low, you should assume that they are counterfeit.

They are easy to break

Before you can purchase fasteners in bulk, you are usually encouraged to buy some samples for testing. When you do this, you will notice that a large number of counterfeit fasteners are easily broken. This is usually due to poor manufacturing processes in the manufacturing process, and they may be weakened by many impurities.

These are just some of the features that you may need to pay attention to when buying a fastener. Once you realize that you may be dealing with counterfeit fasteners, you need to be more careful with suppliers. Some of the things you should do include fully evaluating their products before buying.

However, you only need to purchase fasteners from an established supplier to get rid of the pressure of handling counterfeit products. They sell high-quality products at a reasonable price and usually make them very well-known, so you may find it easy to identify and collaborate with such suppliers.

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