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Focus on the use of fasteners and improve portal security

Apr 16, 2018

With the emergence of insecurity and other problems in many parts of the world, ensuring the security of the family becomes more and more important. To make you comfortable, you need to adopt a comprehensive approach instead of focusing on just one aspect, such as installing an alarm system at home. The best way to deal with problems is usually to consult a company that provides security services so that they can assess whether there are any security holes in your home and then you can organize them.

One thing you will realize is that in this assessment process, entry points such as doors and windows are often judged critically. This is because they are an obvious entry point for anyone who wants to destroy the family. In addition to obvious problems, such as getting home alarms, you may also need to strengthen the safety of doors and windows. To ensure the safety of your door, you need to make sure that the fasteners used are not weak on the door. Some factors that you should consider can promote this, including:

Has the correct number of fasteners

When installing the door, be sure to use the correct number of fasteners. Some people think that using too few fasteners to reduce construction costs is wrong. However, this will reduce the strength of the door, which means that ordinary people can simply kick it in.

Use stronger fasteners

The use of strong fasteners means that there is little risk of someone violating the door. Examples include titanium hex nuts and alloy 20 hex head screws. Of course, you need to make sure that the fasteners are made of high-quality materials because this is the only way to ensure that you can make full use of the fasteners.

Correctly placed

When installing fasteners, it is important to ensure that they are positioned to withstand the door's load and any other forces, such as attempted violations. If you want to ensure the safety of the door as much as possible, it is discouraged to randomly place bolts and nuts. Consulting security experts may make it easier for you to understand this.

Select the correct size of the fastener

Larger fasteners tend to be able to withstand higher forces, which means that they are usually not easily damaged. Therefore, you should avoid using undersized fasteners, especially if you want to use them to fix part of the door that can withstand a lot of force. You may need to understand the mechanism of the door function to use it correctly.

As you can see, just picking fasteners at will does not guarantee the security of your door. To make it more secure, you need to make sure that the above and more are optimized for security.

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