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Fastener recycling options you can explore

Mar 01, 2018

Industry has produced an astonishing amount of metal scrap in the form of fasteners. Household waste does not help the cause. Our primary responsibility is to have a positive impact on the environment by reusing and recycling anything that poses a threat, let alone fasteners. Landfill treatment is not an ideal solution for toxic substances and requires proper fastener recycling practices; Some of them are listed below.

Sold as scrap metal

If you have a large number of aluminum and stainless steel fasteners, only good sales as scrap, you may consider contacting local scrap suppliers to reclaim consumable items such as screws, nuts, bolts, washers and bolts. You need to do a little research on the web to solve a related service that handles recycled metal fasteners in your area. The recyclers will provide you with the required transport services and can charge a certain number of disassembly parts, if necessary, and recycle the metal fasteners instead of going to the garbage disposal. You can not only protect the environment from metal pollution, but also to pay for waste.

Bring creative side to you

It may not be the most technical way to recycle fasteners, but you can use discarded pieces in large quantities by making any form of soldering art. With nails and long threads, you can construct a wind chimes, a central position to ring nuts and bolt clusters. Washers can be used to outline a frame made of plastic. You can use alloy steel nuts and alloy 20 bolts to design an iron skeleton sculpture. Use welding guns to fit together and show irregular and make some innovations. Considering the different types of fasteners, you can compile them to create wonderful toys and gifts, and even consider showing them at a local exhibition.

Renovate Old objects

People should always store discarded fasteners in jars so that they can be used to provide old furniture that cracks in the long run. Old screws and nuts can be dug on parts that need to be repaired, and nails can be used to repair loose parts. You may not know that the trick lasts longer than you think. The same old fasteners can also be recycled to fix small cracks in the panes or any other carpentry work that requires light repair.


Stainless steel threaded rods used in industry are of various shapes and sizes. They usually experience rust or more specific "tea staining", giving brown colored metal. The resulting discarded pieces can be reused by forming them on the base of chairs and tables, or by providing partitions in different parts of the operating plant. You can also cut empty tubes and use it in the window vanilla garden.

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