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Does the choice of fasteners affect the quality of robotic surgery?

Mar 29, 2018

Since medical advances, surgery has become a key factor in this niche, and the accuracy and accuracy of this area has been highly sought.

To this end, several techniques have been developed to make surgery more accurate and less invasive. One of the most recent is robotic surgery. In short, robotic surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed with the help of a robot. This helps the surgeon to improve the quality of his work. For example, some designs are designed to remove any vibrations from the surgeon's hands and make sure all incisions are as straight as possible.

Some people can even do microsurgery without causing too much pressure on the doctor. The quality of the robots used for this purpose usually affects the quality of the operation. To this end, all factors that may affect the quality of the robot are constantly improving.

One of them is the type of fastener used to put robots together.

Factors affecting the selection of fastener in the manufacture of surgical robot In the manufacture of any surgical robot, there are many ideal fastener quality, usually in pursuit.

The most important of these include:

Light weight

Easy to clean

Easy to replace

Can withstand repeated vibrations and motions

Anti-biofilm formation to reduce infection transmission

Some common types of fasteners used for the above advantages include titanium sleeve head cap screws and aluminum sleeve fixing screws.

The fastener has an effect on the smoothness of the robot To make a surgical robot work well, perform smooth movements every time you use it. The dry movement will result in stitching and cutting, not even, which will offset the use of the robot's value at the beginning. In addition to using the right software to run the robot, this problem can also be solved to ensure that the fasteners used in the robot's joints are of high quality. Problems such as the corrosion of fasteners or the collection of materials between fasteners and metals will result in lower smoothness, which in turn can impair the quality of the operation. This basically means that the quality problem will never be compromised when you choose to assemble the fasteners for this type of device.

Part of this involves purchasing fasteners from sources you can trust.

Cost issues One of the problems many people face when choosing fasteners for robotic surgery is cost. For example, it is well known that titanium is an expensive metal, so the fasteners made of it are much more expensive than usual. However, it is also important to keep in mind the fact that the metal also lasts a long time, in addition to providing the above benefits. This means that you may find yourself having to change after a long time. In the long run, when you think about how long they can last, the cost of using them makes sense.

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