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Do you often come across loose screws?

Mar 02, 2018

Maintenance services are less demanding if any type of equipment is maintained on a routine basis, a simple overview of the procedure method, keep checking for small things such as screw loosening and other fastening structures are fixed. It not only saves future maintenance costs, but also ensures that no long-term damage occurs. So if you often encounter loose screws in the recent past, you should know the real reason behind it!

Overload equipment

The carrying capacity of all kinds of equipment has certain limitation. If you try to overload the machine, there is a fair chance that the screws will break loose due to excess pressure. The best example is the traditional weight balance. If you try to weigh something heavier than the recommended limit, the bolts and screws holding the plate will be dislocated. You can imagine the same effect on more complex machinery, which can cause serious damage if not checked loose fasteners.

The way to deal with this ideal is to use anchors. After drilling operation, gently hammer the anchor around the hole position and tighten the brass screws. You can also use the Monel 400 bolts to ensure the screws to prevent heavy objects from being hanged.

Super Vibration

The heavy vibration resulting from the continuous operation of a small number of machines may adversely affect the screws. In this state, there is a relative movement between the nut and the joint, which causes the nut to loose and pushes the screws outward. To avoid this, the operator should carefully check the connector area while the machine is running. The compression force must be estimated to ensure that the screws remain fastened while the equipment is running.

Rough use of equipment

The smooth operation of the equipment depends largely on its operator. Any type of machine, if used rough, will cause long-term problems except loosening the screws. In fact, loosening the fastener itself can cause serious damage if not checked for a long time.

Regional temperature change

It is a scientific fact that metals swell in hot weather and shrink in cold conditions. Therefore, if you are in a place experiencing extreme climatic conditions, you may have to face problems with stretched nuts and bolts, or screws that will lose their control time.

Poor schedule and daily maintenance

Appropriate maintenance is by arranging it frequently and having the responsible person behind it to accomplish. For the operator, it is uncommon to break the head of the screws by stripping the top and trying to push the screws too tightly. Once you have damaged the top of the screw, you will not be able to tighten it after you may have to replace it all. Therefore, we must ensure that the employees responsible for maintenance have a good understanding of the work they do and the impact on the system.

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