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Do you need fasteners to install solar panels?

Mar 06, 2018

Solar panels absorb the sun's rays and use them to create energy sources that generate heat and electricity. These can be mounted on the roof or receive direct sunlight on an open ground. The most important thing is that the panel is tilted so that the surface can be exposed to the largest rays.

Depending on the configuration of the solar panels installed, there are different types of fasteners that need to be firmly maintained in the structure to withstand any structural bending under extreme conditions. The reliability and stability of the mounting fasteners cannot be composed, especially when the problem is set to a solar panel.

Most distributors welcome the fact that aluminum bolts and screws are durable enough to constrain solar panel joints regardless of their position. Aluminum, because of its light weight, corrosion resistance is an ideal material for mounting fasteners. On the other hand, the 316 stainless steel rods are perfectly held in the Panel, thus providing the necessary firmness in the installation piping. There are basically two types of solar panels installed and both require different types of fasteners.

Installing solar panels

This is basically installed on the ground by the solar panels in an open space that receives enough sun rays throughout the day. In this type of installation, adjustable clips and props are used. The reason for using the correction bracket is to meet the need to adjust the panel two or three years depending on the direction of the sun. Need to have a concrete piping system drilled in the ground and the panel can be placed at the top of a side or at the poles. You can use stainless steel bolts to install poles and aluminum clips or brackets to form adjustable parts.

Roof Mounted solar panels

This is the most common type of installation used to build solar panels to extract renewable energy. It involves the direct tilt of the surface of the panel with the Sun beam contact line, in case the roof is flat. For sloping roofs, there is a tendency to tilt only when the surface of the panel is not properly exposed to the sun. These hangers are fastened to the floor by asphalt roofing tiles. This not only acts as a waterproofing agent, but also protects against snow cover.

To get the best heat from the sun, the team needs a degree of flexibility to adjust. Even if this can be controlled by the tracking system, there are adjustable fasteners in place so that you can manually orient the panel according to the requirements.

Use lag bolts to fix the mounting base and make sure that the fasteners you use are made of stainless steel. Since the whole thing is exposed to the atmosphere, there is a high likelihood that galvanic corrosion occurs, so you need materials that can resist such action. Because the roof has enough space, this kind of installation method is economical and feasible, but also has the production efficiency.


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