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Different types of cap screws and their applications

Mar 27, 2018

One of the goals of choosing a fastener is to ensure that your needs are eventually met.

To do this, it is often necessary to have a certain understanding of the various types of fasteners and what qualities they have. This allows you to match specific types of fasteners with specific applications. Making simple errors such as using the aluminum hexagon head cap screws, wherein the titanium socket cap screws will do may cause the connection to fail.

This can also be an expensive mistake because you may need to pay for repairs too frequently. You should never overlook the type of hat screws you should use in the various technical issues you must keep in mind. In fact, there are many options that may make you think picking the best one is difficult, but you only need a basic knowledge of each one you do.

Some of the most common cap screws you can use now include:

Flat Head Cap Screws Flat head cap Screws are designed to have a thin, horizontal head. They can have a slot head or a Phillips screw. These types of screws are usually ideal when you need the fastener with the surface that you place it in. For this reason, they are usually best used when you want to have no surface projection. For example, when you put the fuselage of a plane together. In this case, too many fasteners from the surface will cause increased resistance, but also may damage the aircraft aerodynamics.

Use a flat head cap screw to prevent this from happening.

Hexagon Head Cap Screws This is some of the most common type of cap screws. As the name suggests, their heads are designed to be six corners. They are best when you need a heavy screw to keep a project together. They are also ideally in situations where fasteners will be exposed to large forces. When choosing a hexagon head cap screw, it is usually advisable to find out exactly how much strength the fastener will receive.

This makes it easier to calculate the size to get and the material to order the screws in.

Round sleeve head Screws Round head screws have a smooth rounded head. They can be high or low, which refers to the size of the head.

The low round sleeve head screws have an almost flat head, while the high is more pronounced. These types of screws are most often used to put electronic devices together. They are usually very tough and can also be used as security fasteners. It is difficult to install and disassemble without proper equipment.

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