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Can the fastener cause the plane to crash?

Apr 04, 2018

Due to speed and convenience, air travel has become one of the most popular modes of transport in many parts of the world. In fact, over the past decade, many airlines have noticed an increase in passenger numbers, which may increase in the coming years.

Given this, one of the things that many manufacturers and regulators are anxious to avoid is the expected rise in the proportion of aircraft crashes. Although air traffic is one of the safest modes of transport, any car crash is usually associated with a high risk of death for both passengers and crew. To this end, we will usually thoroughly investigate the causes of these accidents and take measures to ensure that they do not happen again.

One of the major problems in this situation is that fasteners can cause structural failures in various parts of the aircraft, leading to crashes.

The scope of the problem Most of the main components of any aircraft are held jointly by various types of fasteners. On airplanes, most of these are specifically designed for this application, and are not used for general purpose fasteners. For example, you will find that most items are combined with a titanium hexagon head screw or an aluminum hex nut. These materials provide a high intensity of benefits with incredible brightness.

This combination is perfect, making the aircraft both efficient and reliable. However, when there is a problem with the fastener, various forms of structural failure may occur. The fact that an aircraft is usually subjected to a tremendous amount of force during operation means that even if the failure is minimal, it can deteriorate rapidly and cause impact.

For example, if a single fastener in the landing gear breaks, the plane may crash on takeoff or landing.

Common causes of this failure There are a few identified reasons for the fastener, and this structure fails. One of the common is through improper use of fasteners. For example, when an aircraft is to be served, one of the bolts or nuts may not have the correct torque in place, resulting in rapid loosening during operation. To avoid this, a number of aircraft maintenance facilities have been inspected to ensure that such problems do not occur.

Each bolt is usually double-checked to ensure it is properly placed. Failure to replace parts of parts in time has also proved to be a contributing factor to past failures. To avoid this, all aircraft owners have strict requirements on when to renovate aircraft.

In this way, the parts can be replaced before they are broken down into dangerous points of the aircraft's structural failure.

Fastener Quality Finally, the quality of the fastener can cause this failure. To prevent this, all maintenance personnel are generally encouraged to purchase only fasteners from companies that have a good record in providing such fasteners. In this way, you can be sure that the product you purchased will be well produced and tested.

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