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Application of riveting nut in electric locomotive

Jun 05, 2017

Rivet nuts in the application of electric locomotives, rivets nuts are now widely used in automotive, aviation, railway, shipbuilding, air conditioning, elevators, instruments, furniture, construction and other mechanical and electrical and light industrial products on the assembly. Rivet nuts in the field of foreign locomotives has been widely used in China's harmonious HXD1 electric locomotive has also been successfully applied. 

Rivet nuts on the HXD1 locomotive are used in the location of 2-6 mm thin plate structure, mainly for the installation of small parts, bear the axial load, torsional load are not large, and a small area need to use a larger number Of the bolts. Application of riveting nut in HXD1 locomotive reconnection socket and mechanical room lamp installation. 

Locomotive reconnection socket rivet nut instead of hexagonal welding nut, the elimination of welding deformation, improve work efficiency; mechanical room lamp mount seat has played a rivet nut single-sided installation characteristics, changing the assembly sequence, thereby improving the process performance, For high precision parts, you can also set the welding after the completion of the rivet nut mounting hole to meet the assembly accuracy. In the process of assembling the decorative panels and the driver's console in the driver's room, the rivet nuts take advantage of the connection between the dissimilar materials, simplifying the assembly process of these components. In addition, the installation of various types of lights, sunshade installation, installation of small electrical components, air conditioning duct, roof ventilation grid installation and other places are used rivet nut connection.

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