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Affecting the development of fastener industry, a major factor

Jun 05, 2017

What are the major factors that affect the development of the fastener industry? The impact of rivets fastener industry development of the major factors, it should be said that China's fastener industry is in a period of great development, the overall market demand is growing, the corresponding production capacity also need to increase, but how to grasp the timing of the increase and " Degree ", you need a superb investment skills and market ability to grasp. Production capacity and raw material prices have always been a major factor affecting the development of fastener industry, but also a never-ending, and often said that the new topic.

Analysis of the recent steady rise in raw material prices are mainly due to: First, the control of iron and steel industry production capacity to ease the relationship between supply and demand, the state to strengthen the macro-control of the steel industry, steel market rank development. Second, the decline in imports of steel and exports increased, is conducive to price stabilization. Again, the market confidence has been restored, operators and production customers optimistic about the market demand, dare to purchase and Jiancang.

In the past we always talk about how riveting fastener market competition is fierce, we all fight each other, fight price, compete for products, fight technology, quality, after-sales service. So now this competition has entered the degree of short-sighted, will appear you do not talk about the price is not the situation. Suddenly the fight is to fight the price. That is, in every particular area, there will be more and more fasteners products face to face direct competition, and from the technical point of view, from the product quality, the price is very targeted of.

Production capacity to determine the relationship between supply and demand to a large extent, raw material prices affect the purchasing decision of buyers, are directly around the fastener market trends.

Recently, the fastener overcapacity and raw material soared, at the same time come in the fastener industry head. We said that the production capacity is mainly refers to the ordinary standard parts (less than 8.8 fasteners) to restrict the development. Recalling the history of the fastener industry, you can find a regular phenomenon, that is, when the market appears strong sales, followed by the inevitable emergence of product saturation, followed by macro-control and compression, followed by a short supply, manufacturers once again on the production capacity, So the product again saturated, so again and again, rivets fastener industry in the past 20 years is so over.

In recent years, the global iron ore prices have risen step by step, in 2005, iron ore prices soared 71.5%, the price of raw materials, , This year is expected to still rise 10%, and now commonly used cold heading steel swrch35k rose to 3900 ~ 4400 yuan tons, carbon steel 45 # also rose to 3400 ~ 3800 yuan ton, up 500-800 tons last month.

It is easy to see that different enterprises of different circumstances, the product of the current capacity of enterprises is also insufficient, and the product is not acceptable to the enterprise, production capacity is indeed an excess. Within the same enterprise, there are products in short supply, there are poor product sales. Therefore, the fastener production capacity can not be generalized, generally speaking, excess capacity or not surplus are biased, the survival of the fittest, innovation, is a sign of healthy development of the industry.

Fastener industry is dependent on raw materials industry, raw material prices will naturally increase the cost of production of fasteners. In the current situation, rivets fasteners enterprises should be timely product structure adjustment, control the scale of investment, compression of non-productive expenses, which is undoubtedly a positive

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