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Socket Cap Screw - DIN 912 / ISO4762

Socket Cap Screw - DIN 912 / ISO4762

Socket Head Cap Screws is a kind of very common used screws, it can easily install and uninstall by allen key, so someone also call the screws as Allen Screws. Grade 8.8 12.9 or Stainless Steel A2 A4

Product Details

Socket head cap screws are a headed and externally threaded part designed for insertion through a close tolerance, internally tapped hole and mated with a nut. Tension on the socket cap screw is induced by rotation of the screw head. There is a hex socket in the head that accepts a hex wrench to tighten the socket cap screw. The point at the threaded end of the socket cap screw is machined flat so it will fit into a drilled hole.

For internal hexagon screws are often used Q235 wire, of course, there is the use of iron screw wire, for these screws wire can determine the internal hexagon screws some characteristics.

First of all, the first is the use of stainless steel screws is relatively high hardness, but if it is the hardness of iron screws is obviously much worse, this with the iron itself wire is a certain relationship. The texture of iron itself belongs to a relatively soft category, with stainless steel wire there is no way than. But in order to be able to achieve the hardness of iron screws, for iron screws are generally the use of heat treatment for hardening, in the process of heat treatment to ensure that the screws are evenly heated, or not only to make the hardness of the screws can not reach the demand, but also make the screws easily finish bending, which will greatly improve the production cost of hexagon screws. After heat treatment will be able to iron in the hexagon screws to the hardness, but due to the problem of wire, there is no way to the quality of stainless steel wire ratio.

For hexagon screws There is a need to note that in the use of the process as far as possible do not let the screw head skidding, otherwise it will lead to difficult to remove the screws. The above is about the hexagon screws some characteristics, hope to be able to help the vast number of customers.


We Can Produce:
Bolt Diameter:M4-M36
Bolt Length:10mm-300mm
Material:Carbon Steel Grade 8.8 12.9

Stainless Steel A2 A4
Surface:ZP Black
Package:Bulk or Small box

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