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Button Head Cap Screws - ISO7380

Button Head Cap Screws - ISO7380

Button heads are rounded and low profile. Allen (hex socket) drive is a six-sided recess for use with an allen wrench (hex key).

Product Details

Socket screws are commonly used in mechanical, mainly for easy fastening, disassembly, not easy to slip angle and other advantages. Hexagon wrench is generally a 90° turn, the curved end of the long side of the short, with a short side of the screws, the hands of the long side can save a lot of force and can be better fastening screws. The long end has a round head (hexagonal cylindrical ball-like and flat, round head can be easily inserted into the screw hole very convenient disassembly. The manufacturing cost of the outer hexagon is much lower than that of the hexagon, and its advantage is that the screw head (the position of the wrench force) is thinner than the inner hexagonal, and some places are not replaced by the hexagon. In addition, low cost, small power intensity, Low precision mechanical use of the internal hexagon screws less than the outer hexagonal.

Button head socket cap screws have a domed-shaped head that is wider

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