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Hex Head Tap Bolt Grade 5

Hex Head Tap Bolt Grade 5

ANSI, BS standards full thread hex tap Bolt Grade 2 5 8 or Stainless Steel 304 316 or Brass

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Hex Head Tap Bolt Grade 5

High strength bolts

1. The material of high-strength bolts is different from that of ordinary bolts. High-strength bolts are generally used for permanent connections. Commonly used are M16~M30. Oversized bolts with high strength are unstable in performance and should be used cautiously.

2. The main components of the structure of the bolt connection, the general use of high-strength bolt connection.

3. Factory-manufactured high-strength bolts are not divided into pressure-type or friction type.

4. The friction-type high-strength external hexagon bolts and pressure-bearing high-strength bolts, in fact, is the design of the calculation method is different:

(1) Friction-type high-strength bolts with sliding between the plates as the bearing capacity limit state.

(2) The pressure type high-strength bolts take the sliding between the plates as the normal limit state, and the connection failure as the bearing capacity limit state.

5. Friction-type high-strength bolts do not give full play to the potential of the bolt. In practical application, the most important structure or the structure under the dynamic load, especially the reverse stress caused by the load, should use the friction type high-strength screw bolt, at this time can not play the potential as a security reserve. In addition, pressure-bearing high-strength bolts should be used to reduce the cost.


We Can Produce:
Bolt Diameter:1/4" - 1-1/2"
Bolt Length:10mm-500mm
Material:Carbon Steel Grade 2 5

Stainless Steel 304 316

Surface:Plain ZP Black HDG
Package:Bulk or Small box

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