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Electro Galvanized Hex Bolt

Electro Galvanized Hex Bolt

Electro Galvanized Hex Bolt

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Electroplating Zinc, the industry also known as cold galvanized, that is, the use of electrolysis, in the workpiece surface formation of uniform, dense, good combination of metal or alloy deposition layer process. Compared with other metals, zinc is a relatively inexpensive and easily coated metal, is a low value corrosion-resistant electroplating layer, is widely used to protect steel parts, especially to prevent atmospheric corrosion, and used for decoration. Plating technology includes trough plating (or hanging plating), barrel plating (suitable for small parts), blue plating, automatic plating and continuous plating (suitable for wire, strip).

We Can Produce:
Bolt Diameter:M5-M48
Bolt Length:10mm-500mm
Material:Carbon Steel Grade 4.8 8.8 10.9
Package:Bulk or Small box

Price Terms:FOB, CIF, LC, etc...
Delivery Time:Within 45 Days

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